A site that intends to be a repository of data about projects around the world

Serve as support for research related to project management, offering data on projects (segment, cost, resources, risks, among others) in a single dataset in CSV format

You need to be logged in first. It is necessary to create an account (SIGN UP) and then LOG IN to be able to insert projects in the database.

No! PM Data Rep is a collaborative community work proposal between project managers, project team members, researchers and data scientists to facilitate access to project management data for research purposes.

We are hoping to reach a number of 100 initial projects to release access to the database for all interested parties.

Although this is not the initial proposal of PM Data Rep, our idea is that, over time, we can provide some examples of ML algorithms that can be useful for research.

Yes! And if you do, we really appreciate it! Just send us a message (CONTACT US) so that we can analyze your contribution and make it available to the entire research community.

No. CSV only at this time. We chose to do it this way at first, considering it easier to access and manipulate. However, nothing prevents you from being able to manipulate it once downloaded to generate other dataset formats.

All data (absolutely all!) is anonymous. We don't relate project id to user id. In other words, it is not possible by downloading the dataset to identify who inserted what type of data or even to which company the data is related. We understand that this is a primary and non-negotiable condition of privacy and security to keep our contributors at ease.

No. We understand that anyone who is interested, once logged in, will be able to download the dataset and make use of the data in the way that best suits their research project.

Yes! PM Data Rep was created for this purpose.

Just cite the PM Data Rep website as a reference database (www.pmdatarep.com)

Yes. PM Data Rep data will be updated as more people enter their project data on our site. As this is a spontaneous contribution, we cannot predict the frequency, however, we will ensure that the dataset will be always updated with the last data entered.

Please see the image below as a reference



Just enter your project data and send it at the end. Once you're done, you'll be entitled to a PM Data Rep certificate.

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